About Us


At Barky Instruments International we are of the belief that life does not always follow a standard path, so from time to time in a laboratory processes standard off the shelf would not do. To fulfil this gap we have come up with Flexibility.

Where standard 'off the shelf' doesn't meet your needs and bespoke instruments are required, using our adaptors can turn your Barky µltipette™ SPR into three devices, saving you money in having to purchase three devices where one instrument will do.

If you are carrying out a series of sample taking at a specific volume or you can’t find a specific volume or you need to reach the bottom of a deep reservoir, Barky can help.

Specific volumes

Barky manufactures a set of single, as well as variable volume pipettes covering 0.1-2.0ml. If you require an instrument within the range of 0.1-2.0ml, we can manufacture an instrument that covers your required volume.

We can offer you a Barky µltipette™ Dual Volume where your instrument can dispense two volumes independently.

For example, one 1.0ml or two 0.5mls or one 0.5ml all-in-one device can be useful in a busy laboratory when taking samples or diluting. The configuration of the two volumes can be chosen by you making Barky Instruments truly flexible, just tell us what volumes you require.

Barky Adaptors

Barky AD-1R Adaptor (for use with plastic tips)

Reaching the depth: from time to time some procedures require dispensing or aspiring from deep reservoirs, so to overcome this we can supply a set of adaptors that can be fitted to our Barky µltipette™ SPR Range of pipettes.

The length of the adaptor can be made to meet your requirements and you choose the plastic tip - we make your adaptor to suit.

Barky AD-1RS Adaptor

Use of inline filters: cross contamination is a very apparent danger in any laboratory where samples taken can be spoiled and time and money wasted.

To overcome this, we have come up with the AD-1RS enabling the user to use inline filters with our Barky µltipette™ SPR Range helping to avoid the danger of cross contamination.

Barky AD-1PA Adaptor

Use of Pasteur pipettes: this adaptor enables the user to use glass Pasteur pipettes for specific procedures, without the need to purchase a separate device.