µltipette™ Micro Range

The Barky µltipette™ Micro range of pipettes are air displacement instruments (known as Barky Pencil Slim µltipette™) and are available in both variable and single volumes.

A slim line tips ejector can be fitted as an optional extra for safety and convenience. To add a tip ejector to your device, just add ‘D’ to the product code, i.e. PS-10D.

Barky µltipette™ Micro Features

  • Complete metal construction provides a long life and maintaining accuracy
  • Fixed calibration of each volume eliminates the need for recalibration.
  • Stainless steel construction results in long life and avoids wear and tear
  • Easy handling and lightweight (just 50g) with a diameter of approx. 7mm
  • A narrow body enables reach into deep vials or test tubes
  • A five (5) year warranty ensures purchase with confidence, traceable through a serial number

Barky µltipette™ Micro Range - Variable Volume

Barky Instruments - Ultipette Micro Variable Range
Model Range µl Increments µl Accuracy ±% Suitable tip
PS-5 0.5-5 0.5 2 CP-10
PS-10 1-10 1 1.5 CP-10
PS-20 2-20 2 1.5 CP-20

Barky µltipette™ Micro Range - Single Volume

Barky Instruments - Ultipette Micro Single Volume Range
Model Fixed Range µl Accuracy ±% Suitable tip
FX-5 5 2 CP-10
FX-10 10 1.5 CP-10
FX-20 20 1.5 CP-10
FX-30 30 1.5 CP-100
FX-40 40 1 CP-100
FX-50 50 1 CP-100

Barky µltipette™ Capillary Tips

Barky Instruments - Ultipette Capillary Tips

Barky µltipette™ capillary tips are manufactured for the variable and single volume Barky µltipette™ Micro Range.

They are unique capillary tips which feature flexibility and size with a maximum diameter of 2.0mm narrowing to less than 1.0mm (CP-10 to CP-20) - very useful to get into difficult places dispensing or aspiring.

Further information and how to order

If you can’t find the volume you require, please contact us by calling +44 (0)1303 250316 or email our sales office.

We are able to manufacture a specific volume to suit your requirements and recommend a Barky adaptor to suit your laboratory’s requirements for use with plastic tips, inline filters or glass Pasture pipettes.