µltipette™ Insemination Range (Falconry)

Barky Instruments - Ultipette FX-250

The Barky µltipette™ FX-250 and FX-100 are air displacement pipettes for use in artificial insemination of birds of prey procedures. These instruments have been designed, developed and are manufactured solely by Barky Instruments International in the United Kingdom. The specific design of these instruments make them suited for use in artificial insemination of hunting birds.

Our Barky µltipette™ FX-250 and FX-100 are sealed units and maintenance free, so would not need servicing or recalibration. With all metal construction, precision manufacturing and assembly they are instruments offering a smooth, accurate and a long service life.

Both models offer with a five (5) year warranty to give you peace of mind in knowing you have a unique British designed, developed and manufactured instrument.

Barky Instruments - Ultipette FX-250

Barky µltipette™ FX-250

Product Code: Barky FX-250
Volume range: 250µl fixed
Accuracy: ±2%
Use with: Barky CP-250 capillary tips
Autoclaveable: Yes
Warranty: Five (5) years
Weight: 75g

Barky µltipette™ FX-100

Product Code: Barky FX-100
Volume range: 100µl fixed
Accuracy: ±2%
Use with: Barky CP-100 capillary tips
Warranty: Five (5) years
Weight: 79g

Barky Instruments - Ultipette FX-100

Barky µltipette™ Insemination Capillary Tips

Especially for our Barky µltipette™ FX-250 and FX-100, we manufacture capillary tips which are very well suited to be used in artificial insemination procedures on hunting birds. These capillary tips are flexible helping to avoid any discomfort for the bird during the procedure of insemination.

Barky Instruments - Ultipette CP-250

Barky µltipette™ CP-250

Product Code: Barky CP-250
Volume range: 25-250µl
Use with: Barky FX-250
Pack Size: 250x, 500x, 1000x

Barky µltipette™ CP-100

Product Code: Barky CP-100
Volume range: 25-100µl
Use with: Barky FX-100
Pack Size: 250x, 500x, 1000x

Barky Instruments - Ultipette CP-100

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