About Us

Established in 1974, Barky Instruments supplies pipetters to the scientific and medical communities.

Barky is a British owned company that has been designing, developing and manufacturing precision liquid handling devices since 1974.

Our strength comes from our ability to design and develop leading to manufacturing devices that are not stock items for other brands of liquid handling devices manufacturers. Our motto is Flexibility, Accuracy and Durability.


- We use decades of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing devices that suit our customers’ needs, be it special volume pipettes or specific reach. Read More...


- By never giving up until we get the right results for our customers.


- is the results of years' of experience and know-how to manufacture a device that will perform day in day out providing a stable, accurate and user friendly device that is used across the world in hospitals, microbiology laboratories, research laboratories, food testing and processing laboratories and many other fields of research.


All of our instruments are traceable through a serial number that can provide the details of that specific device. All our raw materials are sourced from ISO registered companies in the United Kingdom and northern Europe ensuring the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing leading to a range of instruments that we think meet our motto.

Barky Instruments - David Price
A personal tribute to a friend...

In life there are individuals that leave an everlasting effect on all of us. Our dear friend Mr David Price was one of those people, we sadly lost David some time ago and his loss is felt throughout Barky Instruments International.

For decades David was a cornerstone of this company as a designer, engineer and a much cherished friend that we all admired, a man that would find an answer to a problem often faster that one could from the internet search.

We will remember his work, contribution and above all, his kindness to us all.

With love and respect to our dear friend and colleague, Mr David Price.